When is it Time to Quit your Job to Work at Home Full-Time

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The alarm sounds at some ungodly hour, you crawl out of bed and get ready for the day. You leave home, finishing the last of your morning coffee and rush to catch the commuter train; the train that is nearly always late and never has any available seats. You travel with people and briefcases pushed up against you. By the time you eventually arrive at your place of work, you already feel like you’ve done a days work! So, when is it time to quit your job?


You sit at your desk, you did actually ‘like’ the job at one time. That was before the cuts; staff cuts, budget cuts, with the hours of your working day increasing all the time, just to keep up with the workload. At times you’ve held your head in your hands and wanted to scream out, but not today, today is different. Today you have your letter ready, the letter of resignation you prepared last night in your home office. Today’s the day! You are finally quitting the 9-5 daily grind and are going to be working full-time at home – wow, you made it 🙂


When Can I Tell My Boss I Quit?

Everyone with an entrepreneurial spirit dreams about that day. The day you officially become your own boss full-time! It’s a very special moment and a Landmark to acknowledge, after all, you’ve worked your socks off to reach that point.

How do you know it’s time? Is it best to hold a full-time job while building up your home business, this would be the sensible thing to do. However, the thing about entrepreneurs or the entrepreneurial spirit, is that we’re risk takers. We like the challenge if we didn’t we probably would have stayed employed. For some, the pain of staying in full-time employment, is too great and the strain of holding down a job while spending every waking hour, working on their business, becomes so exhausting, that they become ineffective with either.

I personally relate to that scenario and was lucky enough to have had the option to leave employment early and concentrate solely on building my business.

There are pluses and minuses for both options but the main things to consider before giving up the security of a regular paycheck are:

  • Is your online business making money yet?
  • If so, how much? How much of a deficit would there be?
  • Do you have savings which would help the transition between employment to self-employment?
  • Do you have a family dependant on your income?
  • Is the decision solely yours alone or do you need to discuss things with a partner?
  • Have you a mortgage, car payments, credit cards or loans to cover?
  • Would resigning from your job cause financial stress?
  • Can you manage the transition without any major hiccups?

No one can answer these questions for you, it is an entirely personal decision. The process will be different for everyone and just the same as there are a million and one niches to choose from, there are a million and one ways to leave your job to work at home.

My advice would be to sit down and write a Pros and Cons list, include everything. Remember, this is your livelihood and you don’t want to put yourself or your dependants through any suffering. Be sure before you quit, that you are making the right decision, at the right time for you.

Now go and write your list and please do come back here and let us know your findings in the comments box below – good luck.

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