Trump signals no end to shutdown: 'You have to have a wall'

Litter spills out of a public dustbin on the National Mall in Washington as the US government shutdown goes into its third dayMore

"We're going to have a wall".

Democrats and some Republicans view it as a costly, unneeded and ineffective project, but some Republicans support the idea and back Trump's demand for $5 billion in partial funding.

Trump speaks with reporters after holding a video call with USA military service members in the Oval Office on Christmas morning in Washington, on Tuesday.

This is his first visit to Iraq as the US President. While speaking from the Oval Office Tuesday, the president said the government will not be open until he gets - what he believes - is the appropriate funding for the border wall.

Trump made these remarks while taking questions from reporters during a briefing with USA military leaders shortly after landing in Iraq.

Democrats oppose spending money on a wall, preferring instead to pump the dollars into fencing, technology and other means of controlling access to the border.

The shutdown, which began Friday at midnight, has hit about 25 per cent of the federal government.

"I can't tell you when the government's going to be open".

Trump has made clear in public comments and tweets that he believes Powell is hurting the U.S. economy and contributing to stock market losses - two things that need to be strong to improve Trump's re-election chances.

On day five of a partial government shutdown, negotiations among Democrats, Republicans and the White House appear to be going nowhere.

As a result, Trump feels vindicated in his political instincts and is increasingly unmoved by advisers, they said. "The irony is that the shutdown started over funding for the wall, and it's those workers who are at the border who are most affected, who aren't being paid". It affects some 800,000 government workers. If the shutdown continues into 2019, she has vowed that her new Democratic majority will act quickly to pass legislation reopening the government.

"Many of those workers have said to me and communicated, stay out until you get the funding for the wall", he said, when asked for his message to the hundreds of thousands federal workers either furloughed or working without pay.

The partial federal shutdown was expected to drag into Christmas as President Donald Trump and congressional leaders remained stuck in a standoff over his border wall with Mexico.

Trump followed up on a Monday tweet in which he said he "just gave out a 115 mile long contract for another large section of the Wall in Texas". Many rank-and-file workers have gone to social media with stories of the financial hardship they expect to face because of the shutdown.

"I think our borders need to be more secure to an extent, yes". They pointed to problems beyond the shutdown, including heavy losses on Wall Street and Trump's decision to fire his defense secretary. After Mexico repeatedly refused to do so, he began seeking US taxpayer funding for the wall, which he sees as vital to controlling illegal immigration.

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